uPVC Windows

The window: The portal between inside and outside. It provides protection while also allowing us to stay in touch with the outside world. Windows let in natural light and, in this way, determine the ambience and atmosphere in the room.

Windows made of aluminum are mostly found in commercial buildings and in the public sector. In fire-prone areas these windows are also very useful, since aluminum as a construction material is not combustible.

Your front door is your home’s calling card. It therefore needs to blend perfectly with the architecture and design of your building, while also providing excellent heat insulation.

A seamless passage to your balcony and garden thanks to aluplast sliding doors: living space and garden merge into one room. Experience a brand new standard of living!

The Aliplast curtain wall and conservatories allows natural light into the building and prevents wind and water infiltration. The curtain wall offers unprecedented aesthetic qualities for your (office) building.!


  • Grobud produces uPVC windows and doors .
  • Our uPVC windows use profiles from the German manufacturer Aluplast, fittings from MACO and panes from Saint-Gobain.
  • We strictly comply with all manufacturing standards.
  • The production of PVC windows and doors is carried out on three fully automatic production lines with a machining centre with an eight-head welding machine.
  • Our production line for passive house windows is the only one in Poland to hold the PHI Darmstadt certificate.
  • Quality and aesthetics are our top priorities. Grobud uses the innovative V-Perfect welding technology and has its own bending line.

When you are looking for high quality windows and doors.


Our offer includes products such as energy-efficient windows, entrance doors, PVC and aluminium patio doors, conservatories and many other constructions. We offer many accessories for windows and doors. Our window and door products provide you with the ultimate in comfort. They guarantee the maintenance of warmth inside the house, and at the same time have excellent soundproofing properties. We were one of the first companies in Poland to manufacture passive windows compliant with European standards, which is supported by a certificate obtained by the recognised IFT Rosenheim institute. Windows of this type are an indispensable element in the construction of passive houses – which means that they make it possible to obtain the highest insulation parameters and thus save a lot of money on heating costs.

Take a look at our offer; we have many different styles, designs and colours of windows and doors.

Quality & Technology

V-Perfect window welding technology

V-Perfect is the first and globally unique technology that completely eliminates the visible weld from corners.  V-Perfect makes it possible to manufacture PVC windows without any imperfections in the corners.

A new standard that allows you to achieve the full potential of your PVC system and gives you almost unlimited fields of application.

Thanks to patented technology that makes the connection of profiles perfectly even, eliminating all previous imperfections. The uPVC window is now on a par with wooden or aluminium windows in terms of corner finishing quality. An amazing result not previously achievable with any other welding method. It opens up unlimited creative and architectural possibilities for PVC window technology.

Best in class: 85 mm lift-and-slide doors.

HST 85mm

Let the sunshine into your home! With a large glass surface, the new 85 mm lift-and-slide doors provide rooms full of light and beautiful views of nature. They are designed as walkways to terraces, balconies and gardens.

Discover the lift and slide door system.

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We Work with the Best

High-quality components from the world’s leading suppliers are used in the manufacture of our windows. Our suppliers include Aluplast, Maco, Saint-Gobain, Aliplast and Aluprof.

Our product range includes PVC and aluminium windows, lift-and-slide patio doors, PVC and aluminium entrance doors and aluminium structures.

We supply numerous companies throughout Europe.

Our customers appreciate in a special way our individual approach to each order. ith Grobud, you can be sure that the highest production standards are always maintained.