Entrance doors

High-quality components from the world’s leading suppliers are used in door production. Our suppliers include Aluplast, Maco, Saint-Gobain, Aliplast and Aluprof.

Our range of entrance doors

With the development of our company, we expanded the range of products we offer. Currently, you can find in our offer such items as energy-efficient windows, entrance doors, PVC and aluminum patio doors, conservatories and many other structures. We offer many accessories for windows and doors. Our window and door products provide you with the ultimate in comfort. They guarantee the maintenance of warmth inside the house, and at the same time have excellent soundproofing properties. As one of the first companies in Poland, we produce passive windows that comply with European standards, which is supported by the certificate obtained by us from the recognized institute IFT Rosenheim. Windows of this type are an essential element in the construction of passive houses – which means that they allow you to achieve the highest insulation parameters and thus save a lot of money on heating costs.

A modern solution, which is often used recently in doors made of aluminum profiles, is a double-sided fixing infill. With this type of filling, from the inside and outside we see only a decorative panel, which perfectly covers the frame of the leaf, so it is invisible, but gives the door an elegant and modern look.

This solution is perfect for buildings with a modern style. This type of panel can be used for both front and side doors. The panel can be made in many style variants, which allows us to give the door an individual character. The thickness of the infill is adapted to the depth of the door profile.

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