ALUPLAST Panel doors

90 mm construction depth

Excellent insulating properties and enhanced safety make this system ideal for use in new buildings.


System description

The front door is the calling card for every house. It gives your home an inviting appearance and protects against burglars, noise and the elements. Main entrance door systems from aluplast combine modern design with the highest degree of service life.

In addition, the door is expected to provide a high degree of security and protection against noise and weather conditions. Characteristic features of aluplast system doors are their solidity and elegance. Thanks to multi-chamber construction, a depth of 70 to 85 mm and the use of a door threshold with a thermal break, they have very good thermal insulation parameters. The high stability of the wings through the use of reinforcement with large cross sections and the use of weldable corner fasteners guarantee appropriate static and strength parameters.

A low door sill of 20 mm height meets the requirements for architectural barrier-free construction and allows trouble-free entry and exit. Specially shaped feet of the threshold allow combining with system additional profiles, such as extensions. A wide aluminum drip cap drains water runoff to the outside.



ALUPLAST color palette

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