Offer of Aluminum Structures

Aliplast curtain walls and conservatories let natural light into the building and prevent wind and water intrusion. Aluminum structures offer unparalleled aesthetic value in the construction of modern facades with simple or complex designs.

Aluminum Façades

Aliplast curtain walls let natural light into the building and prevent wind and water penetration. The curtain wall guarantees exceptional aesthetic qualities when erecting modern facades of simple or complex design. 

The MC WALL system is designed for the design of modern curtain walls with simple and complex shapes; the system is the basis for facade constructions: MC Passive, MC Passive+, MC Glass, and the MC Fire solution; the MC Wall system provides a wide range of possibilities for shaping the development; it offers constructions that open in the façade: parallel-parallel windows (MC PW) and roof windows (MC RW)


Aliplast conservatories open up new opportunities for leisure, providing pleasure, comfort and freedom. It creates a transition to the surrounding natural landscape, serves as a space for relaxation and comfortable spending time. All this can be experienced in the company of friends and family.

Choose a classic, contemporary, modern or minimalist style and experience the boundless satisfaction that this conservatory can bring you. We guarantee the highest level of quality and professional expertise.

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